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Color Me Badd

Color Me Badd in Studio B today

Life.Church Online

Mixing for Life.Church Online

Jeff Hall

Jeff Hall laying down some percussion in Studio A

Live at The Music Group

Our very first segment of "Live at The Music Group" is up on our YouTube channel! Each one is a recorded live take in the studio of local musicians, this one featuring Adam & Kizzie. There are follow up videos explaining the gear breakdown used and an interview of the artist(s). You guys should check it out and subscribe to our channel!


Malcom Tubbs - Fox 25

Malcom Tubbs of Fox 25 stopped by for another segment today, this time in Studio B

Chris Kuti - Life.Church

Chris Kuti of Life.Church listening back in Studio A

Rob Estevez - Life.Church

Rob Estevez laying down some vocals for Life.Church in Studio A

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